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Bill and Pam Fitzpatrick- Owners

Pam and Bill Fitzpatrick, along with their daughter Katie Thompson, are the owners of All About Kids in Powell Ohio.  They initially entered into the childcare and development field to create a family centered business, in which their family could not only participate but benefit, as well.

Pam and Bill have both retired, from over 40 years of corporate life.  Pam spent her entire career in the steel industry, the majority of which was in the position of Operations Manager.  Pam focuses on the business finances and visits the center regularly.

Nearly all of Bill’s professional career has been in the plastics business.  For several years, Bill lived abroad servicing as General Manager, in multiple countries, while Pam held down the fort, at home. His educational background includes a BS in Management from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Xavier.

During over 40 years of marriage, Pam and Bill have raised 3 amazing kids, Jason, Katie and Kelly.  All 3 have earned degrees from the University of Cincinnati.  Jason has a BS in Communications and works in the field of Data Management.   Katie (Pam and Bill’s Partner) earned her BS in Early Childhood Education.  In addition to owning the Powell All About Kids, Katie is also the Director of Franchising for All About Kids Corporate.  Lastly, Kelly’s primary degree is a Bachelor’s in Nursing and her secondary degree is in Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  Jason, Katie and Kelly each, have 2 kids of their own, making Bill and Pam the proud grandparents of 6, so far.  All 6 have either graduated from an All About Kids school or are currently attending.  All the kids and their families, live in the Cincinnati area giving Pam and Bill plenty of opportunity for their favorite pastime, spending time with the grandchildren.


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Leslita Reed-

Hello! My name is Leslita Reed and I am your Director.   I reside in Lewis Center with my fiancé John and our 5 year old daughter.  We have 5 other children, three sons, 29, 24 and 19 and two daughters 18 and 9.

I have a Masters of Education in Corporate Training and Knowledge Management from Jones International University, a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Cincinnati and an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education from Columbus State Community College.  I am originally from the Cleveland area and have lived in Columbus since 2003.  When I moved to Columbus I worked at a charter school working with Special Needs children for 3 years.  After graduating from Columbus State I began career as a Pre-K teacher and then two years later became a Center Director where I was in that role for 11 years.

I look forward to building great relationships with all of you!



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Ms. Chelsea- Infant Room 2

 Hi my name is Chelsea Sprankle.  I graduated from Princess Anne High School in 2012,  and immediately started my early childhood career.  In March 2019 I moved from Virginia where  I worked at a private military facility, so I am happy to call AAK my new home.  I have 7+ years of  professional childcare experience.  Prior to my work experience, I volunteered in my church  nursery for 3 years.  Working with children has been a dream of mine since I was young.  In the  near future I plan to take this dream of mine to the next level, and attend school to become a  Neonatal Nurse.
I am a parent to an inspiring 3 year old daughter.  She is the absolute highlight of my life!  Outside of teaching, and parenting, I like to sing and dance.  I like to think of those as my hidden  talents because it’s not often I do it for a crowd.  I also love animals as much as I love kids, and  if I could have an elephant as a pet, I absolutely would!  Growing up my favorite movie was  Beauty and the Beast, and now that there is a live remake of it, I can say it still is.
Now that I’ve shared a little about me, I look forward to meeting you and your family!  

Public Relations

Ms. Natalie- Toddler Room 4

Hi! My name is Natalie! I just graduated from Miami University in May 2019 with a B.S. Secondary Mathematics Education degree and a Spanish minor. I am 21 years old and have worked in childcare for the past 3 summers with both infants and school-agers as well as substituted for other age groups.   

Some fun facts about me are that I lived in Michigan and Tennessee before moving to Ohio 8 years ago. I have one younger brother who is in the Navy and he has been stationed in Japan for the past year and a half. In my spare time, I love to hang out with friends and family, dance, go to the movies, and go hiking.

The most rewarding aspect of working in childcare is being able to witness the children reach various milestones in their life whether that be taking their first step, drawing their first picture, or losing their first lost tooth. It’s amazing watching kids grow physically, mentally, and emotional in different aspects of their life, which is why I am so excited to start my journey at All About Kids with all the amazing children and staff!


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Ms. Courtney- Toddler Room 4

Hi all! My name is Courtney. I graduated from Dublin Jerome High School in 2012 and The Ohio State University in 2016. I received a Bachelor’s in Psychology and plan to start studying for my master’s very soon in Psychology as well. After that, I would like to pursue my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I have been working with kids since I was 14 years old and I absolutely love it! In my free time I love to watch movies, workout, camp, hike, practice lettering/calligraphy, read and spend time with family and friends. Along with kids, I also have a huge passion and love for animals. Another dream of mine is to run a rescue operation for animals of any and all kinds. Where they can be rehabbed and set free or put to good homes. I love talking with kids and helping them develop in any way that I can. I look forward to growing at AAK as a person and developing my skills as a professional ?

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Ms. Melissa- Early Preschool Room 6

Hi! My name is Melissa! I Have been in the childcare setting since I graduated from High School in 2002. While in high school I attended the Delaware Area Career Center for 2 years and studied in Early Childhood Education. Shortly after graduation I ended up getting a position in the Career Center as an Early Childhood Education Aide. That to me was so rewarding to work at a school that I once attended. In 2010 I earned my Associate’s Degree in Health Administration, Medical Records, and coding.

I am a mom of 4, my youngest being 12 years old. I enjoy spending time with my son as his sisters are now grown!
I am involved in Scouts of America with my son and also a Den Leader for the cub scouts. I have learned to love camping, hiking and exploring new adventures.
I love cats, butterflies, and owls. My hobbies are scrapbooking, taking pictures, gardening, and at times reading.

I love my job as a teacher because I get to connect with the children and their families. I like building trust and creating a safe, fun learning environment.
I love coming into the center just to see smiles on the children’s faces and to know I am making a difference in their lives as well as their families.

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Ms. Shaina- Preschool Room 7

Hi my name is Shaina!  I went to to Tolles Career Center for two years studying Early Childhood Education.  I was also on the Board of Education for Tolles for about five years.

I am a mom of two kids, a four year old girl and an eight year old boy! I enjoy drawing, going to the park with my kids, watching movies, and going swimming. My absolute favorite thing to do is go hiking at Hocking Hills.

I have been in the childcare field since 2008 and have been able to work with every age group.  What I love most about my job is the creativity I can put into it for the kids to have fun every day.   You never know what new adventure awaits everyday in Preschool!


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Ms. Maddie- School Age Room 9

Hello, my name is Maddie and I’m so happy to be starting my journey with AAK! I am 21 years old and I am from Youngstown, OH. I moved to Columbus to finish my schooling at Ohio State. I am currently a senior, studying Early Childhood Education. I have been working in a daycare setting for three years now and I absolutely love it! It’s so fun to interact with the kids and watch them grow.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and your kiddos!

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Ms. Julie- Floater

Hi my name is Julie! I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Human Ecology from the Ohio State University. I also obtained a Bachelor’s Plus from Ashland University in Early Childhood Education.

I am the youngest of two brothers and a sister.  I have two dogs that I love and adore, as well.  I enjoy swimming, bowling and in my free time going to the movies.

I began working in this field since I was in high school in 2004.  Everyday is different and fun because you never know what the day is going to bring.  I love seeing the kids learn and grow each day!

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Ms. Danielle- Floater

Hi my name is Danielle!  I attended Oakstone Academy and graduated in 2017.  I also interned at my High Schools Pre-K building in 2016.  My family did foster care for awhile, so I learned quite a bit from having so many kids come and live with us!

I love to read, write, and sketch. I like foxes, cats and I am a huge fan of Disney!  Autism is a topic that I am very passionate about.

I love coming to work and getting to laugh with the kids. This job makes me feel like I can and do make a difference in a child’s life.  It shows me I am capable of something great!

Public Relations

Ms. Destiny- Floater

Hello, my name is Destiny! I graduated from Dublin Scioto High School in 2017. I attended the University of Cincinnati where I studied Early Childhood Education for two years. I am continuing my education closer to home at Columbus State Community College. I have many years of babysitting experience.

I come from a big family with eight sisters, me being the second oldest. Watching my sisters grow up has taught me a lot about childcare so teaching comes very natural to me. Teaching has been a passion of mine for many years because I love to see how kids grow in different aspects of their life and to know I am making an impact on their journey to life.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m excited to watch these kids grow and the rewarding experience that comes along with childcare.

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